Moonsighting Conference to determine the commencement of the Month of Ramadan 1441 AH

The above conference comprises Board of Trustees of CGM, Ulamas, Theologians, Khatheebs from the members of the Hilaal Committees of the CGM, ACJU., MRCA and Memon Hanafi Mosque, Insha Allah, as in tradition, will be held under the auspicious of the Colombo Grand Mosque at It’s premises on Thursday 23rd April 2020 CE corresponds to the evening 29th of Shaban 1441 AH, immediately after maghrib prayers to decide the commencement of the month Ramadan 1441 AH based on the decision by the Chairman of the Conference through acceptance of the testimony of the reliable witnesses in regards to actual naked eye sighting corresponding ritually, rationally and practically of sighting the crescent in our country borderline.

moonsight lotus tower

The above Conference will be presided by the Chairman of the Hilaal Committee of CGM Khalefathul Khulafa Al-Haj J.Abdul Hameed (Bahji) and the decision will be announced by him through Srilanka Broadcasting Cooperation to the public.

Calculations for Ramadan 1441 AH Waxing Crescent (New, Evening).   

  • Crescent Visibility on Thursday 23/04/2020 CE
  • Calculations are Done at Sunset Time at:  18:19 LT 
  • Calculations are Topocentric.     
  • SRI LANKA Colombo, Longtitude: 79:52:00.0, Latitude: 06:56:00.0.                                                           
  • Time Zone: +5.30


 Topocentric Conjunction Time: 23/04/2020 CE, 06:10 am

         Moonse   : 18:38 pm
          – Sunset 18:19 pm
       = Lag 00:19 minutes

       Sunset          : 18:19 pm
    – T.Conjuction     06:10 am
= T. Moon Age   : +12H 09M

     T. Sun Azimuth    : +282°:59':29"
  - T. Moon Azimuth    : +280°:06':26"
= T. Relative Azimuth : -   02°:53':02"

  • T. Moon Altitude: +03°:46':32" (Altitude of Moon calculated in an arc shape from the center of the disc of the moon to the local horizon)         
  • T. Elongation:  +05°:25':55" (The angular distance calculated in arc shape between the Topocentric conjunction time of 06:10 am and sunset time 18:19 pm.
  • T. Illumination:   00.23 %( The part of the disc of the moon which reflects the direct sunlight to Earth)           
  • G. Distance: 403811.11 Km (The distance from the center of the earth’s disc and the center of the moon’s disc.)

The above variables are generated from Accurate Times 5.5.3 of Eng. M.odeh.

According to the prediction of the seasoned astronomers who developed criteria for naked-eye sighting along with visibility curve maps like Eng. Khalid Shawkath, Eng. M. Shawkath Odeh, Eng. Bernard Yallop and Observatories like SAAO and HMNAO is

The crescent, though the moon is in waxing position after sunset, it’s not possible for naked-eye sighting along with the V/C/maps illustrates that the crescent cannot be detected to large telescopes in the observatories.  Historically (Where records of naked-eye sightings is preserved since circa 1830’s) a crescent with the above variables is not recorded as seen by eyes by reliable sources. Although groundbreaking world records were registered in Saudi Arabia since 1960’s by accepting false testimony from renowned crescent sighters from close by cities around Riyadh (Shaqra ,Thameer) and Thaif. World-renowned astronomers with astronomical evidence have pointed out to the Saudi authorities occasionally the errors of accepting the false sightings. But the Supreme court of Saudi Arabia disregarded the astronomical views until 2012 or 2013 they established the naked eye sighting criteria to be equivocal to the criteria of Ummul Qura Calendar.